Young Developer Initiative

Introducing the Crowny Young Developer Initiative

 We are very excited to introduce  the Young Developer Initiative.

This is a program targeted at introducing high school students to SMS based applications and nurturing all the budding young developers in their midst.

What exactly will be taught in the program?

The main aim of the program will be to teach the students how to develop a web-based SMS voting application. In the process they will acquire skills in

  1.  HTML 5
  2.  JavaScript
  3.  Basic DataBase

How long will it take?

The program is scheduled to take a full day. This can be adjusted however to fit into the school’s curriculum.

How do we expect to keep the students interested in a boring tech class?

Crowny SMS Gateway understands that not everyone finds IT fascinating, and high school students are particularly prone to getting easily bored. That is why we have come up with simplified API and a very interactive curriculum that is bound to be fun as well as very educative. It will certainly NOT be a boring tech class.

How much does it cost?

The program is free. We count it a privilege to be able to equip kids with skills that might change their lives and are not going to charge any fee for that..

Which schools are eligible?

Any school within the United States and Kenya that is interested.

To recommend a school for this program submit an application here


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