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Crowny SMS Gateway 2.0 Beta

Crowny SMS Gateway 2.0(beta).msi (Windows) Download | 3.36 MB
Crowny SMS Gateway 2.0(beta).zip (Windows) Download | 3.19 MB
Crowny SMS Gateway 2.0(beta) (Windows Portable) Download | 3.07 MB

Crowny Version 1.1.1

Crowny_SMS_Gateway_v1.1.1.msi (Windows) Download | 2.46 MB (Windows) Download | 2.2 MB (Windows Portable) Download | 1.99 MB


  • Virtual SMS Emulator
  • Support for GSM modem and mobile phone
  • Easy Integration of your SMS app with Facebook
  • Send and Receive SMS via WebSocket
  • Send and Receive SMS via HTTP
  • Send and Receive SMS via Text file
  • Send and Receive SMS via XML
  • and more


Upcoming Features

  • Support for any andriod device
  • Support for USSD
  • Sending and receiving SMS from Database, Excel 
  • Crowny desktop client for sending and receiving SMS
  • Support for Live View


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