Facebook Module

This Module allows you to easily integrate your SMS application with Facebook or write a completely new Facebook application that interacts with a Facebook  Wall/Timeline
  • Get Facebook Wall/Timeline post as inbound messages and parse this to your script.
  • Post Outbound messages to a Facebook users Wall/Timeline
  • Comment on Facebook  Wall/Timeline post

How to Setup

The following steps shows you how to configure and use this module

Step 1

  • Go to the module tab and select the Facebook Module marked as  on the figure

Crowny SMS Gateway Facebook Module

Step 2

  • Click on the login to Facebook button, this will take you to your browser 

Crowny SMS Gateway Facebook Module Login


Step 3

  • On your web browser click on add to Facebook .


Step 4



  •  Go back to the Crowny SMS application and click on Enable Module marked as  on the figure


  • Get wall posts as inbound message checkbox; this tells the gateway to receive all wall/timeline posts on the current logged user wall as an Inbound SMS on the gateway  
  • Post all outbound messages to facebook checkbox this tells the gateway to  post a copy of every outgoing message from the gateway to facebook. Note: you do not need to add extra code; all outgoing message from your application will be posted on the current logged in users wall
  • Post all inbound messages to facebook checkbox this will post any message received on the gateway (with an exception to status report) on the facebook wall/timeline of the current logged  in user 

Crowny SMS Facebook Module

That's it your done setting up. To find out how to interact with facebook from your application check links below of the modules that work with the facebook module

Sending an SMS Via HTTP 

Send and Receive SMS Via WebSocket


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