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Crowny SMS Gateway Version 2
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Download the lastest version of crowny sms gateway and get started with your sms application in minutes.

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View tutorials on how to setup and run the gateway

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Download API

Download Crowny API to Quickly Integrate the gateway with your application

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View a list of modules the gateway has a there funtionalies

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Sample Code

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Welcome to our website

Crowny is an SMS Gateway that gives you the ability to send and receive SMS from your GSM Modem, Mobile phone or via facebook wall posts using various media.

Why Use Crowny SMS Gateway

  • It's free
  • It's very easy to setup and use
  • Brings you new innovation
    • Easily integrate your SMS application with Facebook without writing new code
    • The virtual SMS emulator. allows you to test your application with out using real SMS credit


What's New In Version 2

  • Integration with Facebook
    • Autopost all inbound and outbound message to facebook
    • Get facebook wall posts as an inbound message
    • Post SMS as a comment on facebook would
  • Support for sending and receiving SMS via  WebSocket
  • Support for sending and receiving SMS via Txt File
  • Support for  sending and receiving SMS via XML
  • Improvements to the HTTP Module
  • Gateway can now get delivery status
  • Support for autostart of gateway 
  • Gateway now has a log file for debugging of applications



  • Virtual SMS Emulator
  • Support for GSM modem and mobile phone
  • Easy Integration of your SMS app with Facebook
  • Send and Receive SMS via WebSocket
  • Send and Receive SMS via HTTP
  • Send and Receive SMS via Text file
  • Send and Receive SMS via XML
  • and more


Upcoming Features

  • Support for any andriod device
  • Support for USSD
  • Sending and receiving SMS from Database, Excel 
  • Crowny desktop client for sending and receiving SMS
  • Support for Live View


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